About me

Elite Dog Training’s, Jemma Gill, began her dog training career in 2005 and quickly developed an Australia wide reputation as a high level dog trainer and formidable dog sport competitor.

She has trained with some of the greatest minds and talent that the Australian dog training industry has, as well as training with international trainers and competitors.

  • Seth Pywell  (Perth Dog Trainers, Western Australia)
  • Jake Keny  (IGP Helper, Western Australia)
  • Tammy Peters (IGP Competitor, Queensland)
  • Sharonika Williamson (IGP Competitor, Queensland)
  • Kris Kotsopoulos (Von Forell, Victoria)
  • Steve Austin (Conservation Dog Trainer, NSW)
  • Forrest Micke (Dog Trainer, USA)
  • Tobias Oleynik (IGP Competitor, Germany)
  • Nino Drowart (Belgian Ring Competitor, Belgium)

Jemma has been contracted by various discerning owners for the following:

  • Temperament testing
  • Puppy selection
  • Puppy imprinting & socialisation
  • General obedience
  • Competitive obedience
  • Scent detection
  • Tracking
  • Behaviour modification

Solve unwanted behaviour 

  • Aggression towards other dogs
  •  Livestock predation
  •  Pulling on leash
  •  Jumping on guests
  •  Poor manners

 We can also provide

  •  100% reliable off-leash recall
  •  Place training
  •  Scent detection training
  •  Tracking
  •  Competition obedience training & coaching


Cert III Dog Behaviour and Training – National Dog Trainers Federation

Cert IV Pet Obedience Trainer – Thomson’s Education.

Multiple Von Forell seminars on Dog Behaviour, IPO and Tracking

Steve Austin’s Dog Aggression seminar

Nino Drowart 4 Day Seminar 2018


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