The Mini Educator ET-300


The ET-300 is a big favourite here at Elite Dog Training, it is loaded with features, small and at a price point you can’t beat!

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    FREE SHIPPING ON ALL E COLLARSThe ET-300 is a big favourite here at Elite Dog Training, it is loaded with features, small and at a price point you can’t beat!The first thing you will notice about the “Mini Educator” remote (transmitter) is the shape and design. It looks like an electronic stop watch and is small and comfortable to hold too.

    We at first thought it might feel unusual or the ergonomics of the remote might be awkward, but to be honest it is hard to put it down. It fits perfectly into your hand and your fingers just seem to fall right where the buttons are laid out!

    The remote is waterproof, yes so are many others but this one can be submerged to 500 feet! The remote is rugged, so are others, but this one can withstand shock up to 500G’s!

    Did we mention that the remote also floats?

    The collar unit is small, really small, as small as you can get! Weight only 70 grams, Length 50mm, Width 40mm and Height 35mm!

    The collar can be programmed to vibrate before a stimulation, have an adjustable boost button, turn on or blink LED lights on the collar and most important it has the patented “Blunt Feel” Stimulation.

    This means that whilst some dogs train perfectly on other models, some dogs that can be sensitive will jerk their heads, scratch or twitch from some of the other brands. This medical grade electrical static pulse has been set so that it is the most easily acceptable collar for dogs on the market!

    The features are awesome, to get features like this in other brands you have to go to the top of the range models and spend two to three times as much money, and then you end up with a huge remote and collar unit, well not with these guys!

    Every model comes feature PACKED!

    This is what it can do: –

    800 metre range
    Rechargeable system
    Remote and collar fully submersible in water
    Suitable for dogs 2.2 kgs and up
    100 levels of blunt feel stimulation
    Lock and set mode means you can lock your level in and even if you bump the dial, the level is fixed
    LCD Display that lights up blue
    Collar has remote tracking light, make the collar blink LED lights or remain on constant to light up the ground in front of your dog.
    Adjustable Boost button, program your boost button to provide a boost of up to 60.
    Vibration or “Tap” mode, improved tapping sensation
    Floating Transmitter
    2 hour quick charge system (remote and collar charge at the same time)
    Lost transmitter beeper
    2 dog model can have different level for each dog!

    If you think this unit sounds good, you are right, it is the favourite here at Elite Dog Training because it is simply better than all the rest!

    Your dog will like it better and be instantly comfortable with the blunt feel stimulation.

    You will love the remote, it feels right and just works the way you want it to, always.

    The features are the best, you have everything you want all in one unit!

    Its small, a very small unobtrusive collar and remote that has all the features of other brands top units!

    Made in the USA, not China, Israel or anywhere else, so it has a full 2 year warranty!

    ** Before using any electronic collar, check the laws in your state, the laws surrounding the use of electronic collars vary throughout every stateĀ  and are in many cases difficult to understand.

    Elite Dog Training will not sell collar systems to non clients.