Awesome practical trainer

Thank you Jemma! We found Jemma's training style to be a breath of fresh air. She uses a balanced approach and teaches real life obedience in a practical and easy to understand way. She does spend 90% of the session training us (the humans) because we can be a little slow on the uptake. Her patience with explaining and then demonstrating is great and we have a pack of very well balanced, easy to live with dogs thanks, in a large part to her. I don't have any hesistation recommending Jemma to anyone needing a dog trainer.

Jenny Jones
Great advice and huge results

After adopting a rescue dog, we also adopted a load of bad habits! Jemma was reassuring and calm that these were easy things to fix with consistency and a badly behaved dog has turned into a well mannered and star pupil who enjoys training so much! When we got our puppy, it was a no brainer and we started lessons. Thank you so much for all your awesome advice and I'd recommend your services to anyone.

Kerry Williams
BH Goals

As soon as my weekly training is over with Jemma I cannot wait until the next session. Jemma is patient, knowledgeable and gets results from both handler and K9. The most important thing for Jemma is your dogs state of mind, she will not compromise this. I couldn't be happier with her as a Trainer and am so glad she is working with both Karma and I. I highly recommend her services if you are looking for someone to assist with any form of K9 training.

dog owner

I highly recommend bringing your dog(s) to Elite Dog Training - Jemma is very clear with her instructions and knows exactly the level of training required to keep both you and your dog happy!

He Finally Stopped Pulling!

My dog is huge, and I'm not so huge, so I struggled for quite some time with him pulling at the leash. Jemma was able to help me solve this issue in 2 lessons and I can't tell you how proud I am to be able to walk down the street with my dog by my side! It's an incredible feeling..

I've been to see other trainers and often felt a little intimidated because I'm just a backyard / weekend hack and not looking to do any dog sports. Jemma is brilliant and I felt immediately at ease with her - she's easy to understand, completely non-judgemental, she understands what is going on in the dogs head very well and my dog likes her.

I recommend her to everyone.

Default Avatar75

Jemma is an extremely talented and kind trainer. After just a couple of sessions the turnaround in the way I am feeling about my dog,myself and our training and more importantly the way Storm is behaving and dealing with her training is nothing short of amazing! From a dog who,due to my inexperience, was confused and very unhappy to a happy dog who is positive and actually looking forward to working. I look forward to our weekly sessions but utterly love that Jemma is available for help whenever I need. Thank you Jemma for all you’ve done for Storm and I. I cannot reccomend you highly enough

Michael Kern
Five Stars

Jemma is a highly talented trainer who is able to clearly communicate and show you how to train your dog to produce the results you're looking for. I have trained working and sport dogs with Jemma for years and can't recommend her highly enough

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